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Rising Young Leaders’ Vision

Rising Young Leaders envisions creating a dynamic, local Leadership Development Academy campus.

We are working towards the day when teenagers and young adults gather on campus at extracurricular programs to explore what it means to become a leader in their community and to experience opportunities that provide a pathway to realizing their future potential. Rising Young Leaders aims to attract students from throughout the Tri-Valley region to participate in programs that not only change the course of their own lives but also significantly impact the causes they choose to serve.

In addition to the programs that the Rising Young Leaders has already defined or developed, the organization‘s current leaders are also exploring the potential to create an online Leadership Training webinar and to host a monthly “Inspirational Leadership Forum.” Rising Young Leaders believes that youth deserves recognition for their work and contributions to the community. Future plans include paying tribute to ten student leaders each year at an annual “Next Generation Leaders” Recognition Dinner. Rising Young Leaders will engage with alumni through a prospective 40-hour leadership academy. Alumni Association and to provide internship and volunteer opportunities to graduates of the program.

Ultimately, we envision a robust community of education and support to guide and mentor today’s youth by creating an inviting and exciting leadership institute that inspires them to tackle the world’s challenges and succeed in their endeavors.

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