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History Of The Foundation



Rising Young Leaders Founder

(Previously Mony Nop Foundation)

Mony Nop Real Estate Team: Team Leader/Realtor

Mony Nop’s decision to form a community foundation to focus on youth enrichment programs and community volunteerism was primarily fueled by his background as a young boy. Mony was born into a severely impoverished Cambodian slave labor camp under the rule of the Pol Pot Regime, also known as the Killing Fields of Cambodia. He spent the first ten years of his life simply surviving in refugee camps in Thailand and the Philippines, finally escaping to the United States in 1983.

Mony’s entry into American life began humbly. He endured extreme hardship as his family struggled to find enough food to eat and keep a roof over their heads. Mony continued to face overwhelming challenges in adapting to a new culture, new language, and a new form of schooling. With much hard work, determination, and resourcefulness, he steadily overcame these obstacles and began his journey to success. In 1995, Mony became a police officer, thereby changing the original trajectory of his life. As one who has personally known the despair and loneliness of oppression and hunger, Mony takes nothing for granted. He has a sincere passion for helping people, receiving great pleasure in giving back, paying it forward, and investing in the community.

Mony Nop’s philosophy supporting his everyday actions is simple: every child in our community is precious. Every child has the potential to grow and excel when provided with the right opportunities, motivation, and mentors to become involved in their community and expand their scope and skills.

Rising Young Leaders is empowered by the tremendous momentum it has gained in its first year of existence. Rising Young Leaders envisions its organization as a core element in the fabric of its community as it mentors youth and works towards the betterment of society and its environment.