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Our Story

The Mony Nop Foundation was founded in June of 2013 as a result of Mony’s childhood experiences and his story of survival. Mony grew up in Cambodia during the atrocities of the Pol Pot regime where over two million people were slaughtered. His road to success has been long and arduous. He believes no child

Awaken Youth Leadership Academy

Rising Young Leaders is creating Awaken Youth Leadership Academy for the Summer of 2019.  Providing middle and high school students with a 40-hour Leadership Acadamy designed to introduce students to the concepts and values of leadership skills and opportunities when viewing the world through a “leadership lens.” Future Program Goals Leadership Academy Campus and Community

$500 Scholarship

This scholarship is for art, athletic and leadership program. Rising Young leaders Camp Scholarship Program  Providing up to twenty scholarships per year in an amount up to $500 per recipient, the Camp Scholarship Program will support students in attending youth programs specializing in the arts, athletics, and leadership. Scholarship recipients will be required to apply