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About Us


The Rising Young Leaders (formerly known as Mony Nop Foundation) opens doors of opportunity for students who are enrolled in middle school and reside in the California Tri-Valley cities of Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, and Danville.

The Foundation was born from a simple idea conceived by Mony Nop, a former Livermore police officer whose duties on the force often found him working directly with youth, families, and school groups. Mony’s work with youth and his own personal story of survival as a child motivated him to form a local board of directors and establish a community organization that promises to empower young people and enable them to follow their dreams.

The Rising Young Leaders’s primary goals are to foster a strong, lifelong commitment to community service and to provide individual scholarships for enrichment programs in the areas of visual and performing arts, sports and athletics, and leadership development. Individual scholarships are to be awarded upon completion of required volunteer hours.

In addition to offering individual scholarships for personal growth and development, the Rising Young Leaders currently sponsors five-hour, interactive Leadership Awareness Day programs for middle school children in the California Tri-Valley area. These Leadership Awareness Day programs bring middle school and high school students together to share their personal experiences, the challenges they face, and what can be done to overcome them.  To learn more about the Leadership Awareness Day program, please visit the News and Events page of the website.

A dedicated and influential group of community leaders serve on the Rising Young Leaders Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and organization committees. These visionary leaders include business owners, retired police and fire personnel, retired judges, community outreach volunteers, educators, school board administrators, and non-profit organization professionals.

At the Rising Young Leaders, we believe that every child’s dreams and aspirations deserve to be nurtured and fed. We aim to build a strong community organization that provides teens with guidance and funding to find places where they can explore their interests and pursue their passions.

The Rising Young Leaders recognizes that community service experiences and enrichment programs have the potential to have a significant and life-changing impact on our youth.